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  • Valencia G.

    Mrs. Glenda is a good counselor. She’s definitely helping me work through some hard times and I’m seeing positive results in a short time. She’s also helping me build my confidence and I’m becoming a better woman with her help. I would definitely recommend her.
  • Darci D.

    Glenda has been a blessing to me. She has helped me through some very difficult life events. She is very flexible and always available. Plus she is on my insurance. I have been very pleased with my over all care and the bedside manner I have received. I’m very thankful I have her in my life.
  • Elizabeth S.

    I had given therapy a chance a few times before, but it just didn’t stick. I wasn’t able to connect or get what I needed from the therapists I visited so I gave up on it. Years later, I decided that my mental health is and should be my number one priority so I gave it another go. I have been mee...
  • L A

    I've visited at least 3 different therapists for years without any real results or changes to my life. Visiting Glenda is one of the best decisions I've made for myself. She brings incredible knowledge, empathy, and understanding that have helped me with my...
  • F R

    Glenda Demas is the best psychotherapist I ever had. She is very understanding, caring, and trusting. I recommend her to anyone who seeks mental illness in Atlanta Georgia area
  • L M

    She is such a wonderful counselor who is so straight forward with me every time. I love her no nonsense caring attitude.
  • N b

    Life changing for me. I have only been to one therapist prior to working with Glenda. I didn't stay because I didn't feel a connection. Once my life changed and I felt better I moved on. With Glenda I know that this will be a lifelong commitment to my ment...
  • S D

    Love this place cause the therapist are very life changing and worth seeing if facing mental health issues. Highly recommended!
  • R

    Glenda is amazing! She comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience both professionally and personally. If you are looking for a highly qualified professional, I definitely recommend that you give her a call.
  • A D

    Glenda is amazing! She is a highly skilled and trained mental health clinician and professional. She brings a wealth of knowledge and helps individuals navigate through life, circumstances, and challenges.

    She understands that mental health i...

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